The 3 Things I Learned From Ezra Firestone About Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

1. Learning to Rest

Everybody in the eCommerce and entrepreneurial space is constantly talking about hustling and grinding. However, nobody's talking about how important resting, rejuvenating, and meditation are.

He's saying "I think in the entrepreneur world, there’s not enough emphasis on rest, relaxation and recharging." Which is totally true when you think about that.

If you’re in this industry long enough, you see a lot of people burn out. Everyone experiences burnout at some point.

But we aren’t running a race; we’re running a marathon. We’re planting seeds, and watering them, and growing mangroves — and it takes time.

So, what he's been doing especially for the last couple of years is really put a strong emphasis on balance.

"If I’m pushing hard in my business, I’m also making sure that I am resting, relaxing, and eating well; that I’m moving my body, and leaving time for stillness.", he says.

But I think that a lot of people aren’t putting value on rest even though it’s very much in the direction of their ultimate goal of more productivity.

So make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and rebuilding the energy you’re giving to your business.

2. Master Paid Traffic to Grow Your Business

Sometimes the hardest part isn’t finding your product, but getting the world to notice it.

This is especially true if you’re still cutting your teeth on how to run Facebook and/or Google ads.

One very important distinction Ezra points out at Traffic Mastery (and one of the most common errors advertisers make in their campaigns), is they mistake the real goal of why they’re buying traffic in the first place:

Ezra says that most people think that buying more traffic is all about buying more clicks or getting a higher click-through rate — but that’s not always the case…

The truth is that paying for more people to see your ads is only valuable when your ads create buyer intent or engage them in a story that interests them in your brand.

If your ads aren’t doing this, then pouring more money into them won’t help you grow, because your audience isn’t engaged.

That’s when you need to do a little more experimenting and find new campaigns that work better for your brand.

Believe me, even if you have to grind it out for six months looking for winners just to master the fundamentals, having a basic understanding of paid traffic is a skill set that every business owner needs.

In that matter, if you feel frustrated while trying to generate sales for your eCommerce store and/or scale it, book a completely free and no-obligation strategy call with us here!

3. Goodwill Marketing and Customer Retention

As business owners, we can already sense it: Customers today want to know the story behind a product and who’s selling it to them.

These days, a good brand story can be one of your greatest selling propositions.

"Just look at my 8-figure ecommerce store: It’s essentially an influencer skincare brand built on the story of a 60-year-old model.", Ezra says.

You can think of goodwill marketing as the story-telling side of your brand.

It’s content created for the sole purpose of building a relationship and proving you have value to offer beyond the products in your store.

It’s been popular in the info-product space for years. Think of the major players like Zig Zigler, Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Grant Cardone, just to name a few…

All of them built devoted followings (and sold millions) by creating charismatic personas that reached beyond their products.

How do I Add Personality to My Brand?

Adding personality to your marketing isn’t complicated. It just takes a little bit of ad spend:

“It’s really all about goodwill and value…

Write something up that shares your platform, your mission, your thoughts, and then use some of your ad dollars to boost that.

Run an ad to get that in front of people and show them that there’s more to your business than just a product…

There’s personality and there’s value and there’s a mission.”

I don’t doubt that your business has a story, but do your customers know what it is?

If you’re out there trying to do good in the world — and I’m sure you are — then maybe it’s time to make that mission a greater part of your selling proposition.

After all, your brand story is a lot harder to copy than your product.

Thanks for reading!

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