Squeeze Your Email List This Holiday Season

BFCM is over and we hope you were able to make the most out of it. However, the holiday season is not yet over as we are looking at the Christmas season ahead.

Shoppers tend to buy more of something than they usually would. But at the same time, you would be competing with countless other businesses to reach out to these shoppers.

To help you beat your competitors we listed out some ideas you can use to bring in more revenue using email.

- Idea 1: 12 days of Christmas. Nothing spells Christmas like the catchy 12 Days song. Play around this theme and prepare 12 different creative ideas for 12 days of marketing. Announce an attractive offer for each day and give different discounts for each day.

- Idea 2: Presents suggestions for specific people. Help your customer decide faster by sharing with them ideas for specific people like ‘Gifts for your mom’ or ‘for your best friend.’ If possible, add customers reviews for these suggestions and limit the choices to avoid choice paralysis.

Crew tip: If you have a newsletter, you can make a gift guide for your audience, for example we could theoretically create a gift guide for ecom store owners ;)

- Idea 3: Checklists. Share a pre-made holiday checklist to help them make sure they haven’t forgotten anyone or anything. Point them in the right direction of where they could buy these items. Make the content funny, engaging, useful and not just hard-selling.

- Idea 4: Boxes and packages: Mix and match relevant products and put together ready-made Christmas boxes.

- Idea 5: Coupons: Presents shopping can be a tedious task. Some people are just hard at it. Beat this obstacle by giving discounts to your customers and point the final decision toward your items.

- Idea 6: Personalized year-end review: Emphasize on the connection you made with a particular customer. Ideas on what to include can be: how many times they’ve shopped, how many points they’ve made, or how many times they returned. Be creative, and maybe add more discounts.

There you go. Using these ideas, we added 5 figure revenue with just 1 campaign and we really hope you are able to drive in similar figures using these ideas.

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