Solid Facebook Ads Account Foundations To Avoid Roller Coaster Performances

The key of having a well performed ad account and eventually advertising on Facebook is to know all the fundamentals and to have the right setup.

Let’s head to these tips and see what’s in the pot.

Pillar #1: Proper account structure

You need to target these four key audiences to have a solid foundation:

  1. Top of the funnel audiences.

  2. Middle of the funnel audiences.

  3. Bottom of the funnel audiences.

  4. Existing customers.

Moreover, in the TOF, you should run these two kinds of campaigns:

  • Testing campaign: To find the working creatives and audiences. Here you should use a daily budget of $20/ad set.

  • Scaling campaign: In this campaign, you duplicate the best performing ad sets of the previous one and raise the budget to a minimum of $40/ad set.

Pillar #2: Automated rules

Automated rules are a way to avoid overspending on losers and to make sure you don’t miss out on the campaigns with growth potential. Anyway, we suggest using rules only on scaling campaigns and to rely on Facebook's native rules.

We usually sets up these three rules:

  • Stop loss: Turn off ad sets that aren’t converting.

  • Delayed: Turn ad sets that were shut down back on again because of delayed attribution.

  • Midnight Reset: Restart any ad set or ad that was turned off.

We suggest taking a look at the post to find all the rules we use. And finally...

Pillar #3: Don’t only look at ROAS

This is all about not focusing solely on ROAS, because there are many more metrics that can give you a lot of insight into your funnel and potential improvements. The following are the KPIs we aim for:

  • Outbound Click → Landing Page View: 80%

  • Landing Page View → Content View: 50%.

  • Content View → Add To Cart: 10-15%.

  • Add to Cart → Initiate Checkout: 25%.

  • Initiate Checkout → Purchase: 50-70%.

Remember that these KPIs are based on the fact that we handle USA traffic get AOV of $80+ for our conversions.

That’s it! But absolutely not all. Check out our blog for more useful tips and tricks and if you are ready to scale your ecomm business to the next level click HERE and book a FREE strategy call with one of our experts and see if we can help!

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