How To Manage Crawl Budgets For Large Content-Heavy Sites

How many of you are aware of Crawl Budget and how it can impact sites with a lot of pages?

I suppose not many. Well, in this blog post we will discuss how does it work and how to manage your Crawl Budgets.

Crawl Budget basically refers to the number of pages Googlebot can crawl and index for a website within a given timeframe.

Why does it matter? Well, if Google isn’t indexing some of your pages, they won’t rank in SERPs. So, if the number of pages exceeds your site’s crawl budget, you’re going to have pages on your site that aren’t indexed.

A few scenarios where this could possibly occur are:

  • For large sites with 10k+ pages, Google can have trouble finding all the pages at times.

  • If you recently added a bunch of pages, make sure you have the crawl budget to get them all indexed quickly.

  • A lot of redirects and chains also eat up the crawl budget.

Other factors that affect the crawl budget include:

  • On-site duplicate content.

  • Soft-error pages.

  • Low quality and spam content.

  • Multi-faceted navigations and URL parameters.

  • Hacked pages.

What can you do to avoid it?

  1. Improve Site Speed: Enable compression, remove render-blocking JS, leverage browser caching and optimize images to allow Googlebot to visit and index all of your pages.

  2. Simplify Site Structure: Use a layer-by-layer site structure, starting with the homepage, categories/tags and finally, the content pages. Use internal linking to guide crawlers.

  3. Avoid Orphan Pages: As they have no direct connection to the web, with no internal or external links, Google has a tough time finding them.

  4. Avoid Duplicate Content: Get rid of low quality content, implement canonical tags properly, noindex your category/tag pages, and limit URLs with parameters.

  5. Remove Redirect Chains: Redirects with more than three hops are a problem for Googlebot. Use a log analyzer to find redirects and simplify them by pointing the first URL to the last one in the chain.

Well, for most sites, crawl budgets might not be a problem. However, if your sites experience any of the aforementioned scenarios or you need any other help to boost your eCommerce store simply click HERE and schedule a FREE 1-on-1 strategy call with one of our experts.

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