Case Study #1: 6 Figures In 30 Days With 4.22 ROAS

Here's our last blog post for 2019. It's been a great full of success year for us at AIG MARKETER and our clients.

We want to introduce you to a new series of blog posts. Those will be case studies and we will go through a quick glance of how we've achieved those results.

I hope that will be a true inspiration for most of you to see what's possible.

So let's get dive right into it...

In this case, we've made $289k in 30 days with over 400% return.

So, how we did it? First, I'd like to say that it's a high-ticket luxury product and the AOV (average order value) is $485.

Now, the strategy and three key elements that you're going t need to achieve those or similar results (keep in mind that this is just our strategy in that particular case. Your situation may be different and we d not guarantee any results. For more information, please, read our ToS and Disclaimer):

Consistency: This is all about making sure you have enough working audiences to achieve consistency. Here’s how:

1 campaign consisting of 9 different ad sets. Each ad set will hit a different Audience based on LLAs (Lookalike audiences) and Interests. Then, each ad set will have the same 4 ads with 4 different creatives: Video, Image, Carousel and Collection Ads.

Set a minimum budget of $100 per day, let it run for 3 days and then kill the ones that underperformed. Breaking even is the goal here.

Scalability: It's all about scaling your winners.

MOF campaign: Target all the audiences that engaged with your ads and pages but didn’t visit your website. Here you can use UGC creatives.

BOF campaign: This is where most of your revenue should be made. It’s about retargeting all the hot audiences (ATCs, Initiate Checkout, View Content, etc.) and pushing discounts to close the sale.

Use a daily budget of $15 per ad set and kill all the ad sets that don’t convert after 2 days.

Predictability: Let’s use some rules to help us scale smoothly.

Rule # 1: Stop Loss

Set up: action = turn off if spend > breakeven CPA & ROAS < 2.0 & PUR on pixel < 1

Rule # 2: Scaling

Set up: action = increase daily budget by 25 % if spend is > $40.00 & PUR ROAS is > 2.0 & PUR on pixel is > 3

Rule # 3: Safety Net

Set up: action = turn on if ROAS > break even ROAS & PUR is > 0

Well, that was all from us for this 2019 year. If you want to scale your business to the next level simply click HERE and schedule a free strategy session with one of our experts.

Happy Holidays from our team!

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